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Killark Indonesia
Killark Indonesia
Plug Socket Explosionproof
Interlock Plug Receptacle
Plug and Socket untuk Pabrik dan Industri
GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
Flexible Conduit Oil Resistant
Plug Socket Receptacle Explosionproof


VersaMate VP/VR/VPR Series Plugs, Receptacles and Connectors
Use to supply power to both fixed and portable equipment in wet locations

Stop Kontak Explosionproof
  • "Increased safety" type terminals
  • Exclusive breech-lock cap design (serves as flip lid & screw cover)
  • Fully intermateable with competitive devices
  • NEMA 4X rated
Soket gasproof
jual soket Stopkontak antiledak


VersaMate VSQ/VWSQ/VSQ-FS Series Interlocked Switched Receptacles (Anti-Ledak Application)
Supplies power and prevents accidental removal of plug under load

interlock socket tahan ledak
  • Interlocked switch mechanism. No pull out under load
  • VSQ is explosion-proof & NEMA 4X rated. VWSQ is NEMA 4X only
  • VSQ-FS is factory sealed to eliminate conduit sealing at the device
  • HP rated disconnect switch with auxiliary contact (VSQ, VWSQ) for control purposes
interlock switch explosionproof
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VersaMate VBQ Series Breaker Protected Interlocked Receptacles
Use to apply secondary power to both fixed and portable electrical equipment

Interlocked socket circuit breaker
  • Protected with standard or high interrupting capacity circuit breakers
  • External breaker handle is lockable with internal lock-off provision
  • Plug cannot be removed when receptacle is energized
  • Receptacle assembly is field replaceable for maintenance
  • Explosion-proof & NEMA 4X (with receptacle lid turned shut)
Interlocked Plug with MCB circuit breaker explosionproof


 VSI Series IEC Non-Metallic Plugs and Switched Receptacles
Supplies power & prevents accidental removal of plug under load

Soket dengan Switch Explosionproof
  • Corrosion resistant FRP receptacle housing and polyamide plug
  • Interlocked switch mechanism. No pull out under load
  • HP rated disconnect switch with auxiliary contact for control purposes
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VersaMate VCR Series Clean Room Receptacles
Designed for hazardous location clean rooms, such as found in the Pharmaceutical industry, where equipment must be easy to clean.. Soket untuk Ruangan Bersih/Pabrik Farmasi/Rumah Sakit

receptacle for pharmaceutical
  • Available with single or duplex receptacles in 16 or 32 amps
  • Flush mounting stainless steel enclosure with smooth contours
  • Interlocked switch mechanism. No pull out under load
  • Hazardous location suitability and NEMA 3 rated.
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Acceptor UGP/UGR Series Plugs and Receptacles
Powers portable equipment in hazardous and non-hazardous locations

Explosionproof Plug Receptacle
  • Plug cannot be removed when receptacle is energized
  • Factory sealed bladed type
  • Fully interchangeable with competitive devices
Colokan Listrik untuk pabrik Industri tahan Ledak


Acceptor UGFI Series Ground Fault Protector Receptacle
For GFCI protection when using portable power equipment in hazardous and wet locations

GFCI Explosionproof
  • GFCI device provides circuit protection for connected apparatus, against current overload an short circuits
  • Available as portable unit or hard-wired unit
  • Large pilot light provides indication that receptacle is energized
  • Acceptor receptacle and plug interchangeable with competitive devices
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Acceptor UGRGF Series Protected Receptacle

GFCI Receptacle Anti Ledak
  • Test and Retest Push Buttons on cover assembly
  • GFCI meets latest UL943 Standards Revisions
  • Exterior gasket for NEMA 3 protection





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